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Where are we ?
We are based in Ladignac le Long, a small french village located in Limousin and three kilometers away from the Dordogne « département » in Périgord, well known for its prehistoric sites and foie gras (amongst other things, of course !).

History of the company
La Haute Roche began its activities in 2002, by publishing Shabadabada, to make people sing… and to try its hand at publishing. We must say that our friend Philippe des Pallières urged us to do so, and he was right ! Shabadabada has now sold largely more than 250 000 pieces, and it’s always a pleasure for us to see that people like this game and continuously bring new gamers to it !

What is our publishing policy ?
A game one takes pleasure to play! That is the fundamental. Next, its theme must tickle the imagination and must be supported by a suitable set of mechanics (instead of being artificially adapted on existing mechanics). The game must be able to excite a wide audience : the rules must be simple, easy to understand and to explain, and the playing time must be relatively short. And of course, it must be addictive.

Where are our games manufactured ?
All our card games from the « Kangourou » series are made in Belgium or Poland, and when they include other elements than cards, such as counters, sand-timers and so on, these come from France, Germany or the United-Kingdom. Our other games can come from France, Germany and Poland (cardboard, printing) and France, Germany, Poland and United-Kingdom (wooden pieces, plastic pieces).

Editions de la Haute Roche
La Haute Roche
F-87500 Ladignac le Long

You can call us +33 (0)9 88 28 78 03 or you can send us an e-mail.

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